Friday, November 29, 2013

How Elkhart Made the National News

Dear John,
I know - it's morning. But you have to hear this right away.
Remember, during the fifteen years that you managed Pizza Huts, the only days they ever closed was Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day? Silly question, of course you remember.
Well, a franchise tried to change that. And that's how Elkhart made the national news.
The franchise owner had always adhered to that. Then last week he changed his mind and decided the store would be open on Thanksgiving. The manager, bless his heart, refused. He was fired. Then the media got hold of the story. It went national and caught the attention of Wichita. PHI "strongly encouraged" the franchisee to re-hire the manager and not do that again, then released a strong statement to the press.
The end result of all this is that the manager has his job back (and PHI watching over him), the Elkhart store was closed yesterday, and I predict changes regarding the franchise arrangement. What public relations excitement!
Sorry to interrupt your day, but I had to tell you that right away. When I saw it on last night, I told the dog that it absolutely had to be a franchise store, and probably a soon-to-be-short-lived franchise. And there the story was on this morning with more details, including PHI's response. Bless them, they did the right thing. And made the manager famous in the process.
You can go back to doing whatever you do all day. You just had to hear about that.
Love you great bunches,

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