Friday, November 8, 2013

Let's Sleep Electively While We Can

Dear John,
It's tomorrow again. The dog is curled up in bed next to me with the hiccups, the cats are rampaging up and down the hall, and I kept falling asleep while trying to check Facebook.
I had a semi-frantic day at work. Kathy's Holiday Open House started this afternoon. I got off early, so I was home for two hours before I had to be at Janice's to set up for the Lia Sophia party. It was good party - I have two bookings from it, and there will be more than ten orders when all are in, so Janice will get 60% of the sale in free jewelry, using the monthly hostess special. That's the most I've ever gotten to give free!
I'll leave by noon tomorrow to go join your family in Springfield. Then we'll fly out of Columbus at noon on Saturday. We should have perfect weather. And after the week I've had, I'll be thrilled to just sit still for five minutes. I'm ready for a break.jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj Oops - I dozed off there. I think I'd better go to sleep while I can do so electively. I'd hate to wake up at 5 am, still sitting up in bed with the laptop in front of me.
I won't be able to talk to you tomorrow night, since I'll be at your mother's house. But I should be able to keep talking to you from Florida. The house we'll be in has Wi-Fi. Please pray for safe travel for all of us!
Love and adore you,

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