Friday, November 15, 2013

How I Got a Free Sinus Lavage & Almost Went to Galveston

Dear John,
It's been gray and rainy all day, but a bit warmer. And I finally did get in the water. The Gulf is not for the inexperienced today. Okay, it's probably not for the sane. I didn't go out very far. I got out to mid-thigh and felt a strong rip current, so I came back in a bit. And there was a very strong current westward along the beach. I could have ridden it and had a free trip to Galveston. The water has gotten rougher as the day's gone on - even I wouldn't go out there now. I'm sure I was great entertainment for anybody that happened to be watching - this overweight, gray-haired women, being tossed by the surf and laughing. This is probably not something the Chamber of Commerce wants as an advertisement.
It was wonderful, though. It's been years since I got a mouthful of salt water. I'm so used to lake water that it surprised me when I first tasted it. And I did get several mouthfuls, and earfuls, and a free saline sinus lavage. I got breakers in my face, got turned upside down under the waves, and was pounded into the sand a few times. As I said, today is definitely not for the inexperienced.
But that's one thing I'm not. (Tell Jimi Hendrix, I am experienced.) I grew up in the surf at Myrtle Beach, and I learned how to read and handle rip currents at the Outer Banks. I'm so grateful for that summer that my parents signed me up for Survival Swimming. I've used it more than once, and am grateful for the training and for the confidence and peace of mind it gives me in the water. Even now, old and overweight and halfway in shape, I'm confident in the water. And Heaven knows, I float.
Thank you again for supporting my love of the water, even if you didn't understand it. Thank you for never making your understanding a condition for your support. Your support was as unconditional as your love. Both were amazing.
Love you, adore you, and worship the ground you walk on,

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