Thursday, November 14, 2013

On Sandpipers & Swimming in the Rain

Dear John,
I'm really slacking off. I slept until 6:23 today. It was a cool night, so I did morning prayers in bed. Then I lay down and went back to sleep, and got up at 7:30. I was the third one downstairs. Irene says I'm figuring out how to be on vacation.

My New Vacation Friends

It warmed up by afternoon, so Jim and Irene and I went for a walk. Or, they went for a walk and I went for a slow, luxurious amble. I wandered down the beach and stopped to watch the sandpipers. They're such delightful little things! They all move together as a group on long skinny toothpick legs, and they're adorable. When they peck the sand for food, I can't imagine how they can move their heads that fast.
I also spent some time watching the waves sculpt the sand. And I realized that I was looking at physics. I was doing my best imitation of Sheldon. Nobody on earth but you and Sheldon and I would have enjoyed it, or even understood what I was looking at. And since you're not here on earth anymore and Sheldon is a television character, that pretty much leaves just me. But I had a good time anyway.
Tomorrow it's going to warm up to 70 again, so I'll be hitting the water at least once. There's a 40% chance of rain, but if you're going in the water you don't worry about getting wet. It will be my last day here, so I'm going to enjoy it by going swimming in the rain. You should come swim with me!
Adore you,

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