Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Why We Eviscerated the Television

Dear John,
Hunter has discovered toilet paper. And he knows that we have two bathrooms. All of it was on the floor when I got home. And I know that it was Hunter because Abby isn't big enough to reach it. I made it clear to the cat that I considered this to be unacceptable behavior. Then, being my mother's frugal daughter, I wound all of it back up on the rolls, and I tucked the ends in so he can't do it again. At least, I hope not. Oh, I also pointed out to Jethro that a good big brother puts a stop to things like that.
It turns out that Ron has done television repair and thinks he knows what the problem is with ours. He came over tonight, took the back off the television, and eviscerated it. He took the board with him so he can test some parts and find out what needs to be replaced. He says that getting new parts should be easy with this particular set. The bad news is that it will probably take a couple of weeks. The good news is that I can stream shows on the laptop. So I shouldn't have to go football-less on Thanksgiving.
Other than that, the neighborhood continues to sound like chain saws and DeWayne's siding is still in his tree. According to the National Weather Service, we had eleven confirmed tornadoes in the immediate area. So it's amazing that we came out as well as we did. None of our trees are big enough to come down. And the siding and roof held, so we're in good shape here. Except for the eviscerated TV. And the unwound toilet paper. And, of course, that you're not here - that alone should get us federal disaster relief, don't you think?
Adore you,

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