Sunday, December 8, 2013

I Know You Were Here

Dear John,
It's been a good Sunday. The church is beautiful with the tree up. It's sprinkled snow off and on all day. And since I've been home, the critters are taking turns sleeping on me. Hunter and I took a nap together - I lay down on the couch, he came over and lay down on my left side, and we slept for almost an hour.
I had a scare last night. I got on the healthcare website to look at plans, and they were quoting me either $1000 a month premium or a $6000 a year deductible. This is with an annual income of $12,000. So I called them on the phone, played minesweeper for half an hour, then got a real live person who solved the problem. It turns out that they haven't finished processing me - they need a letter from my boss stating that I'm not eligible for health insurance at work. Until they finish the processing, they show the full price of the policies. That's so you'll be really, really happy with the final price they offer you.
And I found unmistakable evidence that you've been back. Look at this - only you would have written the quadratic equation on the curb. It even looks like your printing. Are you dropping a trail of breadcrumbs for me to follow? I'll keep an eye out for pi to twenty places on an overpass. This brings back good memories. I remember when we used to study together in your dorm room on the weekends. Sometimes you'd rub your bare feet against mine, and I'd keep turning pages occasionally so you wouldn't know that you were rendering me incapable of studying. I remember telling you about that after we'd been married about thirty years, and how hard you laughed. You laughed even harder when I told you that you could still do that to me. My feet miss you!
Love you, adore you, worship the ground your adorable feel walk on,

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