Tuesday, December 10, 2013

National Hate Florida Day

Dear John,
There's nothing interesting happening here. I worked 8 1/2 hours, went grocery shopping, and got home a little after 7:00. The cats are somewhere, Jethro is asleep with his head on my left shin, and NCIS was terrific tonight. If you missed it, go onto cbs.com and catch it.
I saw the second half of Bonnie & Clyde last night. It was hard to watch. It gets harder and harder as you get close to the end, when you know what the end will be. I had touble getting to sleep after it - not scared-by-a-horror-movie trouble, but my mind wouldn't settle down. I kept thinking about the two of them, who they each were, how they acted on each other, how the era acted on them, and so on. It's so sad to watch events progress toward that end.
Facebook has made a nationwide declaration. Today is National Hate Florida Day. When I got up this morning the temperature was 2. Heaven knows what the wind chill was. I wore a turtleneck under my shirt today. When I went to the store, the Salvation Army people had set up inside. It was cold. This map is ugly. Unless you live in Florida. And that is why we all hate them.
I know it's nice and warm where you are. Does your new body feel temperature, or is that irrelevant now? I'm pretty sure you don't get hungry anymore, but I had a wonderful baked potato with cheese and salsa and sour cream for dinner. I forgot to look at the price of avocados at the store. But since it's Heaven, you probably do have avocados, don't you? Maybe you could bring a couple for my stocking when you come by to pick up yours. You can get your dusgusting honey roasted peanuts and meet Jethro's kittens. And put those long, long arms of yours around me, and hold me for a hundred years.
Love you so much,

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