Thursday, December 12, 2013

Of Shred, Giltter, Liver, & Leaches

Dear John,
Today was nothing like what I'd planned. An indication of that is the fact that I'm writing to you at 1:00 tomorrow morning.
I slept in, had breakfast, vacuumed, and started laundry. I checked my phone after the vacuuming and found a text from Kathy asking if I could work for a while this afternoon. It turns out that she got an order last night for twenty gift baskets to be delivered tomorrow morning. And she had today booked solid, with no time to do anything about the order. So I left home at 2:15, drove through the snow to Walmart for supplies, picked up lunch to go, and went to work. I got the gift baskets done and packed for the morning (now, this morning), and unpacked and cleaned up everything that she'd taken with her to a Christmas bazaar earlier today. The place looks respectable now, but it won't last long. She has an open house on Friday and Saturday, so tomorrow (now, today) we'll be busy setting up for that.
So I spent over five hours tonight working with shred, glitter, and cellophane, three things which, in the list of things I like, rank down there between leeches and fried liver. It's good for me, and I'm getting better at creating this kind of gift basket. But I spent probably twenty minutes cleaning up glitter, and bits of shred, and shards of cellophane. When I brushed my teeth tonight, I still had glitter on my face. I guess I'm just not a girly girl.
I told Kathy I'd be in late tomorrow - I'm not setting the alarm. That will give me time to run a couple of errands here in town that I was going to take care of today. And I'll get some sleep. I've been trying to write to you for two hours, and the computer kept jamming up. I thought the computer was the problem, so I did a system reset that didn't help at all. The culprit turned out to be the router/modem. I re-booted it and all is well.
All this adds up to me having to be much more competent than I like to be on my day off. I need a day of planned incompetence and inconsequentiality. Shall we plan that for Saturday? If you come by for your stocking and to bring me my avocados, remember that I'll be incompetent and inconsequential on Saturday.
Love you more than avocados,

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