Monday, December 30, 2013

On Cuddling, Purring, & Female Dominance

Dear John,
It will be a short note tonight because I'm leaning over three animals to type. I'm on the couch, and have two cats and a dog nose in my lap. The rest of the dog is crowded between the laptop and the back of the couch. It sounds like a purr-fest in here.
There. I have some room now. Hunter decided he needed space, Abby followed him, and Jethro followed Abby. I have been deserted. But I can stretch out my legs at last, and revel in splendid solitude.
The critters are about all that's happening here. I worked today - another Monday because of the holidays - then got my hair cut. I should be able to get the presents finished tomorrow. The animals have been very cuddly lately. I don't know if it's the cold weather or just the passage of time, but the cats are nearly inseparable. I often find them on the bed curled up together. And for the last few days they've wanted to be in my lap at the same time. Since Hunter's about twelve pounds and Abby is around eight, that's quite a lapful. There's nothing quite like having a cat climb into your lap and purr itself to sleep.
Hunter is definitely the male - non-dominant and very affectionate. He's a lovely tiger, and his eyes are turning more and more green. He rarely makes a sound except to purr whenever I touch him. Abby is learning that she's the female - dominant and undemonstrative. She's young still, so she's very vocal. She makes the oddest noises for a cat - she squeaks, grunts, yowls, cries, and purrs. It will be interesting to watch how this plays out as they grow up. Neither of them are the least bit haughty now. Abby is gradually becoming more dominant, but she clearly loves Hunter, and they spend a lot of time grooming each other.

As usual, I'm sorry that you're missing all of this. I'm sorry you never got to know a cat. Even you wouldn't be able to hold out against a warm bundle of fur that lies in your lap and purrs. My three critters just melt my heart!

Hunter just climbed back in my lap, so I'd better stop here. Oh, how I wish I could cuddle up with you and purr!

Adore you,

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