Monday, December 16, 2013

Remembering the White Apocalypse

Dear John,
Let's start with a metaphysical question: If you came to visit me, could you get snowed in?
Last night's low was 5, and we had sun this morning. Now it's snowing hard again. We're supposed to get a couple of inches tonight, and have a warning out for blowing and drifting snow tomorrow. Wednesday should be okay, then the forecast Thursday and Friday is for frozen mix. I'm supposed to go to work tomorrow, and I do hope I can get there, considering that Thursday and Friday are looking less likely as the days pass. The last thing I want is to get there and not be able to get back. We'll see what things look like in the morning.
Every time we have a major snow, I remember that night when you were working in Kendallville. You tried to get home from work during a snow emergency - that was probably not a good idea. You went off the road on State Route 5. That was quite understandable, since there was no trace of State Route 5 for a good week. You called me and said you were going to spend the night in the car, and I told you that if you thought you were doing that, I was coming to get you. That was a calculated risk - I knew you wouldn't let me try to drive out there in a minivan. So you agreed to walk to the nearest house and ask to stay the night. What you found was an elderly woman who lived alone, and agreed to take you in regardless of her fear. Then you did the second smart think of the day - you called me, and put me on the phone to talk to her. So she was reassured, I was content, and you were safe and warm. Bob came and pulled you out the next morning, and all was well.
We've seen our share of snow emergencies, but none like that one. No emergency services were going out that night no matter what happened. It's the only night I've known that police, fire, and EMS were not coming to any calls at all. And they were right to do that - they wouldn't have gotten anywhere anyway.
I got up first thing the next morning and started shoveling the driveway so you'd have something to pull into when you finally got home. Jen came by, saw me, and stopped and helped. By the time you got here, we had one lane cleared off so you could get into the garage. The snow on the driveway was a good 18 inches deep, and we had drifts in the yard 4 and 5 feet deep, completely over the fence and the porch railing. That took a while to melt.
Well, it's nothing like that today - just a good old-fashioned snowstorm, not the apocalypse. This is what the house looked like yesterday afternoon. We've gotten 2-3 more inches since then. And it's still coming down pretty hard. The thing about Topeka is that there's no way to get anywhere without traveling on county roads. But we have enough here to get by. And all of it can be reached on foot. So we're good.
If you can get away for a visit, this would be a good week for it. Come and get iced in with your little family!
Adore you,

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