Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snow With Absolutely No Dashing

Dear John,
Greetings from your winter wonderland! The winter storm arrived last night and stayed until this evening. I haven't heard snow totals but it's an inch or so above Jethro's knees, so we're probably looking at 6-7 inches today. He's enjoyed playing in it, but he doesn't have Caleb's thick undercoat so it's not long before he wants back inside. The cats have enjoyed watching it but have shown no desire to be outdoor cats.
Now we're all waiting for the lake effect to kick in. We're supposed to get another couple of inches tomorrow. And the wind is going to pick up overnight, so there will be blowing and drifting. Great Vespers was cancelled tonight. I'll get up early and check out the weather and the roads before I try to get out for church. Actually, I'm not sure that the driveway is passable at this point. The snowplow has been running all day, so the roads in town should be fine. But the county roads depend on wind as much as the amount of snow.
I've had a nice, quiet day. I've spent a good bit of it on the couch (with the animals taking turns in my lap) working puzzles and watching a Psych marathon. I've had a headache all day - I woke up with it. Aspirin helped a bit temporarily, but now it's back in full force. I'll be off to bed after this episode. I've gotten caught up with the 2013 season today.
 I still miss cuddling with you on these winter nights. I have that song stuck on my mind, and it's painful. I used to love that song. Now, it just reminds me of how much I love you and how not-here you are. And I'll have to miss you like this for the rest of my life. May that be brief!
Love you, adore you, worship the ground you walk on,

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