Thursday, December 5, 2013

Synchronized Cycles & Bad Dreams

Dear John,
You guys need to get organized up there and pray for your wives. We all had terrible days yesterday. It seems that our bad-day cycles are synchronized. It's probably the Christmas season getting to us. Whatever it is, yesterday was unpleasant. Today we seem to be cautiously getting our heads above water, but still feeling a bit like drowned rats.
And while we're at it, can you and I have the dream conversation one more time? I keep dreaming that you're having heart catheterizations at Methodist. Several times every night I'm back in that waiting room, knitting and talking to Jim. You remember him - he's the person responsible for looking after all the family members and keeping them informed about what's going on in the back. And he seems to be the best thing that's happened to the hospital since antibiotics. He's worth his weight in gold.
I did spend an inordinate amount of time there, didn't I? You had four procedures in a week, which set a new record for them. They felt so bad for me that they kept giving me vouchers for free meals. But I was really fine - after all, I was director of a cardiac cath lab and am quite at home there. And the doctors were very nice to me. They even brought me back to the lab at the end of your first one. Not a thing had changed since my days, except that the computers do wild and wonderful things.
I digress. All of us love our men very much. And, for whatever reason, we're all struggling right now. And we could use your help. Please pray for all of us, and be kind when you come into our dreams.
Love you, adore you, and have had enough caths with you,


  1. You are so kind to think of US....thank you my dear WFF

  2. I do - all the time! And I picture John, and Dana, and all the rest standing together and looking down, cheering us on and praying for us. And I wonder if they had something to do with all of us finding each other.

  3. Someone brought us together...Your letters inspired me...I pretty much think it was meant to be...this is my counseling. I owe you to Annie. Annie and I have been FB friends for 2 years....she found you...Great story! Meant to be...someone nudged Annie...

  4. And all the WFFs are my counseling. This group has given me the closest thing to a sense of purpose that I've had since I lost John. And I don't feel alone anymore. It's a gift.