Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Red Coat: You Still Keep Me Warm

Dear John,
I worked a short day. There were wheel-tracks in the roads this morning, so I got to work without any problems. I left early when the snow and wind picked up. The roads still weren't bad - the problem was knowing exactly where the roads were. There were times I was following the telephone poles. The driveway is under a foot or so of drifted snow. But it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, and the precipitation on Thursday and Friday has been changed to rain, so it should go away without my interference.
I broke out my old red parka today. You gave it to me for Christmas right before we moved here. You said I'd need something warm, with a hood, that would break the wind, since we wouldn't be in the city were there's shelter from the wind. And you were so right! That was 1994, 19 years ago. I've worn it ever since on really cold, windy days.
And once it came in handy that it's red. The day we came up on that accident at the corner of State Route 5 and 500 South, I paired up with a man in a yellow coat to direct traffic down to one lane. He volunteered for one end of the accident, and I said I'd take the other end because my coat was red and that would make me more visible. Lots of people stopped and residents came out to help. So by the time the police got there, we had the wrecker there, auto parts swept out of the road (I've never seen a push broom as big as the one the Amish kids brought out of the barn), the girl wrapped up in a blanket, her mom on the way - the only thing left was the paperwork. Then we all went on our ways. But I was glad my coat was red.
So, thank you for the coat. I'm wearing it and loving it. You're still keeping me warm in the winter. And, from the looks of this coat, you'll be keeping me warm for the rest of my life.
Adore you,

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