Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wake Up, People! I Have Good News!

Dear John,
I know it's early, but I have good news that wouldn't wait. Jill has been accepted for a heme/onc fellowship at IU. I'm so happy for her, and I knew you would be, too. It's an excellent program, and her husband won't have to make another job change. I'm also gratified to know that IU has enough sense to want her.
Do you realize that it was a little over two years ago that she first helped take care of you? It seems that time flies whether or not you're having fun. She was so good to you, and was a Heaven-sent angel for me. When we all got turned out of our hotel rooms for the Super Bowl, I was quite prepared to bunk in your room for a week. After all, I went to college - I've slept in worse places. And I certainly know and love critical care units at all hours.
But spending that week with her gave me more that a softer and quieter place to sleep. It gave me some real relaxing time. And it gave me a new friend, and that's what matters most. We had a sort of prolonged slumber party with red velvet cupcakes. And Jill and I laughed so hard - we'd both been warned by our friends not to do it. That was the greatest unexpected kindness that anyone ever did for me.
So she gets her dream, and I'm so excited that I had to stop in the middle of the day and tell you. Keep her in your prayers. You know when the program starts - we both know that dreaded date when all the nurses in all the teaching hospitals all across the country start over training a new group of docs, the day that Marcie always wore her "Who Are These Guys?" button to work at Duke.
You can go back to doing whatever you do all day - that's all the news. I knew that you'd want to know right away. If you can, Skype with me tonight!
Love you, adore you, worship the ground you walk on,


  1. So happy for your angle friend Jill...Good things happen to good people!

  2. She's a good and compassionate doctor! I'm so thrilled for her.