Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Smushed Kumquat of a Day

Dear John,
Giant Kumquat Smasher
It's been a strange day. It not only went pear-shaped. It was more like a smushed kumquat.
First, I tried to get to work. The snow had drifted across the driveway overnight, I got the cat stuck, and shoveled for three hours before I finally left for work. It seems that shoveling snow is not the best thing for Cymbalta withdrawal. It's amazing how much I hurt tonight.
I had a couple of errands to run for Kathy and had to wait an hour before I could see the right person. So I got a taco and dumped my Coke all over the table, and managed to go to Kroger without creating a disaster. By the time I had Kathy's errands run, her temperature was up to 101.5 and she called and told me to go home. So I came home, took a shower, threw up, took a pain pill, and crashed on the couch with the animals and an NCIS marathon. This day has definitely been stranger than pear-shaped.
I ended up visiting you again today - I'm developing a pattern. I was leaving the Goshen post office by the back way again, and just as the cemetery came into view, Clapton's "Tears in Heaven" came on. So I had to come. The snow has melted from the front of the stone, so you can see our names. But that blanket of snow is perfect except for some rabbit-tracks, and I still couldn't bring myself to disturb it.
Sleep good under your perfect quilt of snow. It will be below zero again tonight - I'm glad you have the insulation. I'll put the window quilts up and cuddle with the critters, and be as warm as I can be without you.
Adore you,

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