Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Alright, Let's Get Some New Crap In Here!

Dear John,
I do feel better today. Thank you for putting up with my whining last night. Maxine is right - at least we'll get some new crap now. I was really tired of the old crap.
I've had a busy day. We got about three inches of snow last night, so I shoveled the driveway. It was very light powder, so there was no sense in getting the snow blower out. Then I took the Christmas decorations down and packed them away. I got the wreaths out of the front windows, put the screens back in, and washed off the nose art. I finished the Christmas presents and baked cookies for Saturday. While all this was happening, there was a lovely from-the-beginning Burn Notice marathon on Ion. So I had occupation and entertainment all day. Oh, and I washed the bedspread - it needed it after making all of those Christmas presents.
I'm no expert, but I do believe my friends were right and Abby went into heat a couple of weeks ago. (Neutering is scheduled for next week.) She was yowling and yodeling much more than usual. Then she went through about ten days of not wanting to be touched. And her little rear went through the expected changes, including a rather unpleasant odor. There are no un-neutered males to be found around here and the windows are closed, so it was no problem. Now she's back to normal. It was so not-bad that I wasn't sure it was really happening until it was over. I'll get the hang of cats yet.
It's 13 and snowing outside. We're supposed to get three inches tonight and another inch or so in the morning. I'll have to see what the roads are like tomorrow. I'd like to get to work, but right now INDOT says no. Evaluation is planned for morning.
And, if I'm getting up at 6:30, I'd better get to bed. I still put it off longer than I should - I miss you the most at bedtime. I hate going to bed without you. Come and kiss me goodnight if you can!
Love you with all my heart,

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