Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cereal Calamity, Part III

Hello! It's me again. I just had to tell you this.
I got all of us ready for bed and gave the animals their bedtime treats. I had finished my cereal and was working of finishing a small juice glass of milk. The cats drink about half of it and I finish the rest. I was finishing said rest, in bed playing solitaire on the Kindle. Suddenly I realized that I'd fallen asleep and was slowly pouring milk onto the blanket in my lap. I righted the milk glass and called Jethro, who was delighted to drink milk off the blanket - it has a finish that repels liquid instead of absorbing it, so Jethro was happy and everything is taken care of.
I do believe I need some sleep. Stay warm and safe and dry!
Love you,

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