Saturday, January 18, 2014

For Dogs & Elephants

Dear John,
I know. It's 10 AM, and I'm blogging. What is the world coming to?
Elephant Grief
Yesterday I wondered if I was building up for a good cry. Now, almost two hours into one, I know that I was. What started it was a piece of news film about Tommy, a German shepherd in Italy, who went, on his own, to the church for his human's funeral, and has been there for services every day since. He sits quietly in the front, and honors his mother.
And I began to cry for all the grieving creatures - for Tommy, and Jethro, and all the birds who mate for life, and all the elephants who love and grieve so well, for Monday when you were born and Kyle died, for Becky, and all the WFFs, your mother and both of my grandmothers, and St. Anna the Prophetess who was widowed so young and spent the rest of her life in the temple, and all the dogs who lost their humans in Iraq and Afghanistan. And even for me.

It's shattering to think of all the hearts - human and otherwise - in this world that have been broken by grief. It's especially painful to know that animals grieve, particularly elephants and dogs. My heart breaks for elephants and dogs. Animals are innocent; we're the sinners; yet the results of our sin are visited upon them. I wish I could keep the elephants and dogs from grief and pain.
I can't prevent it. I can just share it, and give love and respect and comfort where I can. I know the animals go to Heaven. I know it because they love, and grieve, and have no sin. May all the humans who grieve go to Heaven, too.

Please ask if I can come very soon, because I love you more than life,