Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gimme a Head With Hair

Dear John,
I have an announcement. Sit down, take a deep breath, and brace yourself. And . . .
I've decided to grow my hair out. I'm tired of having it short. I'm growing it long.
Yes, I can hear you saying that it's me that you love, and you like my hair either way. And I know that, and I thank you. But this is really huge for me. It would be for most women of my generation. It was so drilled into us as children that when you started getting your first gray, you had to cut it short and keep it that way for the rest of your life. It was one of The Rules, like not wearing white after Labor Day. But most of those rules are no longer standing, and I'm seeing more and more women with long gray hair. And I've decided to be myself and follow that growing minority. As usual, I'm rebelling.
I found this drawing and realized that it really was me in every way except the hair. The older I get, the freer I feel to disregard convention, and I'm enjoying that tremendously. My hippie/boho side is coming out again. I'm not trying to be young again - I really love being this age. I just want to be who I really am.
I'll save money not getting it cut. And it's so easy to take care of when it's long - wash it at bedtime, put a towel over the pillow, and go to bed. Then get up in the morning and put it up, and you're set for the day. But what first made me think about it was the photo I showed you of Delores Taylor - her hair is long, white, and beautiful. I raised the question on Facebook, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.
I probably won't wear it down much. When it was long the last time, I usually wore it up, and I think it was flattering. My gray is coarse and wiry like the hair in this photo, and I can see myself wearing mine this way. I'll have lots of options and can play with it. And, of course, there are always bandannas!
There will be some challenges as it grows out. But my hair still grows so fast that it won't take long. I do hope you like it as it changes. Break the news gently to Mama - I don't know what she'll say at first, but she'll get to like it. She may even wish she could have done the same thing.
Every hair on my head adores you,


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