Monday, January 27, 2014

Hitchcock or Gorey: Two Ways to Face a Snow Emergency

Snow Emergency:
The Hitchcock Method
Dear John,
Indiana is closed again. The wind is creating lovely, life-threatening drifts of snow, and tonight's wind chill is expected to go below -45. We've been under a snow emergency today; it will be re-evaluated around 9:00 tomorrow morning, which doesn't help because that's when I'm supposed to be at work. The driveway is drifted pretty deep. The snow blower is working but it's not safe to be out in -45, and I'm in no hurry to waste time moving snow that is still blowing and drifting - if I did get out, it's doubtful that I could get back in tomorrow evening. And I have no intention of getting out in a snow emergency. So don't worry about me.
Snow Emergency:
The Edward Gorey Method
Meanwhile, back at the igloo, we're doing fine. It occurs to me that there are two ways to face a snow emergency: The Hitchcock Method and the Gorey Method. I don't need to panic about getting supplies - you know I stay ready this time of year - and I never was good or convincing at histrionics. I believe I will pass on the Hitchcock method. So I am choosing the Edward Gorey method - sit, knit, and be leapt upon by cats. It at least has the advantage of decorum.
Please pray for your little family. I'll keep you posted on the weather!
Miss you on these cold, snowy nights,

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