Thursday, January 9, 2014

Gravity is Doing Fine

Dear John,
To update you: I went to the pharmacy and found out that things aren't fixed. So this time the pharmacy people called Panera Benefits. We'll see if that helps. And I did call Joe's office and got my hand X-rayed. Nothing is broken, just soft-tissue damage, but there's plenty of that. My hand is swollen and red and it HURTS. But I'm not in a cast, and that's a great relief. It still hurts to do things, but I can do them. And that is good.
The drive over was pretty good. I went State Route 5 to US 20. That is, I did until they had 20 closed at the intersection with State Route 19. I found out later that there were several accidents up ahead. That's where the 4-lane part begins to be elevated, and it's always bad when there's snow. I went my usual back way. And so did all the semis, which made it more interesting than necessary. I gave myself an extra half-hour to get there, and needed it. By the time I came home they had opened 20, but I came back US 33 since I was going to work.
So I have learned several things today:
  1. The main roads aren't bad.
  2. The county roads aren't good.
  3. I really should keep one box of cat litter ahead during the winter.
  4. Groceries are hit-or-miss after a snow emergency. I hit the milk and missed the eggs.
  5. You really shouldn't fall down at my age.
  6. Soft-tissue damage takes longer to heal than fractures, but is less of a nuisance.
  7. I love my doctor. It's worth driving an hour.
  8. I won't be arm wrestling any time soon. Or shoveling snow. Or wearing rings, playing the piano, or knitting. We'll have to see about vacuuming.
And so, as my great-great-grandmother Harris would say, I won't die tonight because I learned something new today. I'll take Motrin and sleep with my hand propped up again. And I'll try to go slow at work tomorrow. That may be moot if we get the freezing rain that's predicted tonight. It's finally warming up above zero, so we're trading the snow for freezing rain. I do hope the groundhog is paying attention - there are lots of unamused people out here that will be ready for an early spring!
Love you, adore you, and worship the ground you walk on,

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