Monday, January 6, 2014

Indiana is Closed Until Further Notice

Dear John,
The state of Indiana is closed until further notice. Governor Pence has declared a disaster for almost half of the counties, the state government remains closed, and a third of the counties are still banning everybody except emergency vehicles from the roads. LaGrange County sent emergency drivers out to bring in the snow plow drivers this morning, and then sent them back out to bring doctors to the hospital. The county sheriff had reiterated that the travel ban is open-ended, and he has no idea when it might be lifted. I'm guessing Wednesday afternoon. Tom at the pharmacy is guessing noon tomorrow, but then he wants to get open as soon as he can.
The travel ban doesn't matter here. The driveway is under major, moving drifts that top out at five feet up against the garage door. And if I could get the driveway cleared, the street is drifted shut. I heard the plow go by around noon, but in half an hour it was impassible again. I didn't go outside at all today, and I didn't hear any plows or shovels in the neighborhood. The way the wind was blowing, all effort to clear driveways would have been pointless. And dangerous, since the wind chill never got above -35 all day.
Poor Jethro - he wanted to go out around 8 this morning, but when I opened the door and he felt that blast of frigid air in his face, he backed up and hid. He finally got desperate enough to go out around noon, again at 4, and for 30 seconds at 10 tonight. The sky was clear and the sun blazing, but not a thing melted. People were throwing boiling water into the air and watching it freeze before it hit the ground.
I'm not working tomorrow. Wednesday I have Abby's spaying scheduled, but I'll have to call tomorrow and reschedule. Making two trips to Rome City in one day, in this weather, doesn't seem at all sensible. And the hurry was to get it done before she went into heat the first time, but she's already done that. It can wait. And I'll be going to work late on Thursday - Chris Castetter's funeral is that morning at Topeka Mennonite. I know and love the family too well to not be there. I'll give them your love.
There really was a driveway out there on Thursday; I got it shoveled down to dry pavement. Now it looks more like the Golan Heights in winter. I don't know how long it will take me to clear all that off, especially if the wind chill stays low and I have to work outside ten minutes at a time. We'll see - I'm in no hurry. By Thursday I'll be out of milk, but I can walk to the church for the funeral, the down to Save-a-Lot for milk, if I can't get the car out. It's a small town - I can walk anywhere I need to go.
The power has held out so far, but I still plan to come stay with you if it goes out. I didn't specify last night, but you know I'll be bringing Jethro, Hunter, and Abby with me. I wouldn't leave them alone in the house when it's that cold. So don't be surprised if we all end up on your doorstep suddenly. I'd be happy to call ahead, if you could just give me a number where you can be reached.
Love you immensely,

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