Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's Never Good When You're On CNN

Dear John,
It's been a long day. I worked nine hours, starting at 7 AM. I'd planned to see Danica tonight, but the weather had other ideas. She flew into Detroit and just now got home. The inch of snow we were expecting turned into a few more. Coming home from work was a challenge again. My side of the road was drifted over. And I kept meeting oncoming traffic in the stretches where you just drive between the mailboxes and the telephone poles, and hope that there's a road in there somewhere. Danica and I will meet for breakfast in the morning.
We all have heavy hearts today. Yesterday a man when into the Elkhart Meijer with a gun and killed two people. The police were there very quickly, which is good - when they came through the front door, the gunman had the manager down on his knees with the gun to his head. He was distracted when the police came through the doors, and the manager took the opportunity to get away. News and law enforcement agencies all over the country are commending the Elkhart police for keeping it from turning into a hostage situation. Now two victims and the gunman are dead, and nobody has a clue why.
It's been a long time since we've made the national news. The last time was over ten years ago, when Goshen had that workplace shooting. Daddy was watching CNN and saw it, and called me. I was watching local television, and had no idea that CNN was carrying it. Life is so much nicer when we're off the national news radar.
So we've had our own shooting, and in a grocery store, of all things. The shooter was only 22 years old. Please pray for the two women he shot and for their families. And pray for the shooter's family, too, and for the whole area. Folks are pretty shook-up right now.

I'm sorry to give you bad news right at bedtime. But maybe you already knew. I have no idea what the news distribution is like there - maybe you can come and tell me about it some night when I can't sleep. I still hate going to bed without you.

Love you so, so much,

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