Sunday, January 12, 2014

Knitting According to Grommit

Dear John,
Things caught up with me today - the weather, falling on my rear a few days ago, and having to go off of my fibro meds because Express Scripts stopped covering them. It's been a long time since I've hurt this bad. But soft-tissue injury is a fibro trigger for most of us, so it was to be expected. I got up this morning and tried to get ready for church, but I was hurting too bad to do anything but go back to bed. And Jethro didn't mind - he cuddled up, put his head on top of mine, and went right back to sleep.
After breakfast I thought about using the heating pad, but couldn't decide which of a dozen areas to put it on. So I took pain meds, and used the electrical outlet for the laptop instead of the heating pad. After about an hour the pain medicine kicked in and took the pain down to barely bearable. It's amazing how good it feels to hurt a bit less. It was probably best to go without the heating pad anyway - it was in the 40s and sunny, so I had the window next to me open an inch or two all day. The cats and I loved the fresh air, and the house got some midwinter airing-out.
Soo sent me a delightful knitting board she found on Pinterest, and I had a two-hour pinning orgy. After that, my knitting pins badly needed some organization. So I divided them into three boards: one for wit and wisdom, one for tool, tips, and tutorials, and one for yarn and patterns. I believe I have my next two projects chosen. But I'll leave the final decision for a day that I'm not on pain meds.
I'll take the stronger ones at bedtime and hope I'm past the worst of it. I've said it before: I'm too old to be falling down, even if I do land on my best padding. But I'm young enough to do that without breaking anything, and that is very good. Tomorrow I'll take the car down for an oil change. I have some chores to do if the fibro eases up. If it's still bad you'll find me curled up with yarn, because knitting makes everything better.
Love you, adore you, appreciate how you always enabled my yard addiction,

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