Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Maybe I Need Landing Lessons . . .

Dear John,
I'll try to keep this short - typing hurts tonight. I was leaving the house today, juggling three empty egg cartons and trying to get the screen door open, my boots got caught on the mat, and I landed on my rear and my right hand. Not in the snow, either; in the kitchen. I got up and carried on - after all, I landed on the most amply-padded portion of my anatomy - ran my errands, and was fine. But as the night goes on, my hand is hurting more. If it's not better in the morning, I'll call Joe and see about getting it X-rayed. It is my dominant hand, after all, so I need to look after it. I'm supposed to work tomorrow, but if I can't type there isn't much to do about it but get it looked at.
I had more adventures in health insurance today. I went to the pharmacy, and Tom said my prescription insurance was showing as cancelled. I came home and called Express Scripts who said that yes, all my insurance was no longer active. I called Panera Benefits, and they politely said impolite things about Express Scripts. I'll try again tomorrow and see if it is fixed. I'll be so glad to be done with this policy, in ways other than saving $450 a month.
And that's all the excitement. I'll be avoiding arm wrestling for a while. And I'm covered if my hand is broken. And that's what it all boils down to. When you were alive I was glad you worked for Panera because you loved the job and they treated you well. Now I'm still glad, because they take care of me now that you aren't here. If I have to go to South Bend for X-rays tomorrow, I may stop by Panera and get a cup of chai and say thank you. I do not have time for a broken right hand. And yes, I can hear you asking just when I would have time for that. We'll deal with whatever happens!
Love you great bunches,

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