Friday, January 3, 2014

Meteorological Centrality

Dear John,
Have you ever pondered the fact that everything goes to the wall for the weather? It doesn't matter what else is going on; when the weather gets exciting, it trumps everything else. We may think that we're smart, technologically advanced, and able to insulate ourselves from nature. But extreme conditions quickly remind us how little control we really have.
I got up early this morning to evaluate the driveway and decided that I could blast through the drifts, and I did. I had to get gas, so I was standing outside in Millersburg pumping gas in a temperature of -10. The roads weren't too bad getting to Goshen, and there was very little traffic. On the way home, I had discernible road most of the way and telephone poles to follow on the drifted stretches.
And I had a lovely surprise tonight. After I was home and in my pajamas, somebody came and plowed the driveway. It was dark and I couldn't tell who it was - around here, the short list is who doesn't have a pick-up truck with a blade on the front. This town so humbles and touches me! All of these wonderful people keep looking out for me, partly because they loved you so much, and partly because looking out for widows and orphans is just what they do. So tomorrow I can bake another batch of cookies for the afternoon and get the presents wrapped, and not have to worry about the driveway.
I don't know what Sunday will look like. We're expecting a blizzard somewhere between Saturday afternoon and Sunday night, with 8-12 inches of snow. I hope I can get to church on Sunday, but Holy Resurrection in Hobart has already cancelled. Temperatures will start dropping on Sunday, and highs Monday and Tuesday will be well below zero. South Bend has cancelled trash pick-up for those two days.
Don't worry - I'm tending to the pipes. I have the quilts up in the windows, and I won't take any chances driving. I'd hate to miss the liturgy for Theophany, but if it's not safe to drive, I'll stay home. We'll make the mammal mound and keep each other warm. I have pet food, kitty litter, and a gallon of milk. So all is well.
I'm sorry you're not here, but I'm glad you're not driving to work 45 minutes away. I always worried so much about you being out in weather like this. Now we're heading for record-breaking cold, and I know that you're safe and warm and dry. And so is your little family, and we'll do our best to stay that way. Please pray that we don't lose power! If we do, we'll just have to come and stay with you.
Adore you,

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