Friday, January 17, 2014

Old Love - Quilts of Snow

Dear John,
It's been another busy day. I had a long, wonderful breakfast with Danica. I love her dearly, and I hadn't seen her in two years. But that's why God made Facebook. And it is good.
After work I made a sentimental journey. I had to run some orders to the Goshen post office, and I went out the back way so I could turn left at a stoplight. I had Clapton's Unplugged CD on random play. And just as the cemetery came in sight, "Old Love" came on. So that's how I ended up visiting you. I didn't get out of the car - it was 14 and snowing - so I sat there and listened to the rest of the song. And the snow was so perfect and untouched that I didn't want to put footprints in it. That seems silly. But I couldn't bring myself to disturb that quiet white blanket lying over you and keeping you warm. Like Clapton, I know the flame will always burn.
 Maybe it's your birthday coming on Monday that is making me so emotional today. You are invited to the Second Annual John-Ron-Josh Birthday Party on Sunday at 3:00. I'm having a variety of munchies, hence the trip to Walmart on a Friday afternoon. Tomorrow I'll cook and finish cleaning. I hope the weather doesn't interfere with the party. There is snow coming tomorrow; the different models are predicting anywhere from two to eight inches. Which reminds me - I need to shovel the driveway tomorrow.
So please do come to the party.  After all, you're one of the guests of honor. We'll celebrate the three birthdays, and we'll all be glad you were born. And we'll miss you. For tonight, sleep good under that lovely quilt of snow. And know that your little family loves and misses you. And so do your godchildren, official and unofficial. And especially me.
Love you so, so much,

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