Friday, January 10, 2014

Rain, Edward Gorey, and Cat Naps

Dear John,
Yet another update: My hand is better today - still swollen and painful, but better. Express Scripts continues to disavow all knowledge of my insurance, I called Panera Benefits again, and I'm beginning to think that the Lord doesn't want me on this drug. I'll keep you posted.
Getting to work was an adventure - the county roads were bad, it was foggy, and there was freezing rain coming down. By the time I came home it was still foggy but in the 40s, and the roads were just wet. It's been raining all evening and the basement is dry - thank you again for the dry basement.
I was sleepy when I got home, and decided to take a nap electively before I ended up face-down on the computer. So I lay down on the couch and got settled, Hunter came and lay beside me, and we took a nap together. We woke up a couple of times, and Hunter would just stretch, snuggle his head against my arm, and go right back to sleep.
Isn't this print delightful? Becky sent it to me for Christmas! It's obviously Edward Gorey, it's numbered, and it's named "Tower Scene." I love it. It looks rather like one of the stylite saints, doesn't it? I'm going to hang it in the living room where I can see it all the time. And I can freak out visitors. But I do that, anyway - if it's not the print it's the icons, or the dog, or two cats, or the books I read - I've never cared if I was socially acceptable. I love it that Becky and I both love Gorey. And you did, too - we both thought he was the best of PBS, and we'd giggle so over his work.
And now I have some on the wall. Is that enough reason for you to come visit? Having two cats to meet wasn't enough, honey roasted peanuts and spritz balls weren't enough, but surely Gorey will do it!
Love you immensely,

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