Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Red Beans & the UK Ice Polishing Crew

Dear John,
Another day inside, another day of polar vortex. There's a variety of news items for your edification and enjoyment.
First, I trimmed Hunter's toenails, and he purred through it and lapped up the attention. I do wish Jethro would learn from him.
Second, Becky came and plowed the driveway this afternoon, bless her. I opened the garage door so she could get the blade inside and drag all the snow out. It's lovely, and I appreciate them so much.
Third, the county has been backed off to a Travel Advisory. The roads are still not for the sane. But the wind is down enough that plowing actually does something. Unfortunately, as the plows remove the snow, we're getting down to the ice underneath. The schools and factories are still closed tomorrow.
11 AM today, from a State Trooper's car
Fourth, the stores are open but there isn't much food left. The stores in Goshen don't have much in the way of dairy or produce. People are screaming about it, but how do they expect food to get there when the roads are closed? Thank goodness, my pantry and freezer are stocked. The only thing I really need is milk, and we'll live if I can't get it.
Fifth, taking the wind chill into account, when it hits 35 this weekend, that will be 70 degrees warmer than where we've been. We'll all be out in shorts.
Sixth, I made a pot of red beans today and had a lovely supper tonight. I wish you could have been here, the way you love red beans and rice. It's perfect weather for it.
Seventh, I rescheduled Abby's surgery for the 22nd. That way it will be done before February, when her cycle would start up for the spring.
I've been thinking lately about the UK Ice Polishing Crew. Every time it snowed, they brought those strange things out. They didn't have blades to plow the snow off the sidewalks - they had brushes. And what they did was brush the snow off of the ice and polish it. So we all walked beside the sidewalks instead of on them, so we were in snow instead of on polished ice. It was a nuisance. Whoever thought that would be a good idea?
That's all the news here. Like I said, weather trumps everything. We'll still be on your doorstep if the power goes out. And you never did send me your phone number!
Love you so, so much,

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