Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Son of Cereal Calamity

Dear John,
Once again, we have raisin bran in the bed. It's just like June 6th, 2012, except that it's completely different.
I was getting settled in bed for snacks. My bowl of cereal and glass of milk were on the bedside table. I had given Jethro and Hunter their snacks, and Abby was drinking her milk. She usually takes a while for milk. So I reached for my raisin bran at the exact moment that Abby changed her mind. She jumped for the bed, and her left front paw caught the bowl. I screamed, she yowled, cereal went everywhere, Jethro went after the milk and raisin bran, and the cats scrambled for cover. I got a towel and cleaned up the bed, bedside table, prayer book, rug, and floor. Jethro had already gotten all the solid bits.
Jethro is sleeping happily on the foot of the bed. Abby finally came back for her treats. Hunter won't come into the room. The floor is clean. The bed is cold and damp. I have a gash of unknown origin on my arm. There's a towel in the bathroom sink. I'll be sleeping in the dry spot in the middle of the bed tonight. Nobody ever touched the milk glass  so I'll get all of it.
Now you have another reason to be glad you're in Heaven tonight: you missed this. Life is a thrill a minute around here. Now I'll try to wind down enough to go to sleep.
Sleep good, there where it's a bit more peaceful! Adore you,

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