Sunday, January 5, 2014

What We Need is a Tauntaun

Dear John,
Once again, the only news here is the weather. Snow is falling at 2 inches an hour with the wind at 25 mph out of the north. I have no idea how much snow has fallen. Jethro is belly-deep in the back yard, but it's all valleys and drifts. The drift next to the west fence is halfway up the fence. And the driveway has completely disappeared, along with the mounds of plowed and shoveled snow all the way down the street.
I've been following the postings from the sheriff's office, Homeland Security, and all the other weather potentates all day. Homeland Security has declared Travel Warnings for almost 3/4 of Indiana counties, so only emergency vehicles are allowed on the roads. Government offices, schools,  and most businesses were already cancelled for Monday. Blizzard warnings have spread from the state line through Elkhart County, and I expect us to follow soon. We're now in the band that's expecting 12+ inches of snow. Oh, and the county pulled the plows off the roads at 4:30 this afternoon, when it was determined that it wasn't safe for the snow plows to be out. I don't believe I'll be going anywhere anytime soon. This is why I have a pantry, and why God made Netflix.

I believe I need a tauntaun. That appears to be the only practical mode of transport for the next couple of days. And I suppose you could harness one to a blade and clear the driveway. I doubt Homeland Security included them in the Travel Warning laws.

I still plan to come stay with you if the power goes out. So be warned, and be ready!

Adore you for eternity,

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