Thursday, January 23, 2014

Why I Need a Hug This Time

Dear John,
It's been deja vu all over again. I got up, shoveled snow for an hour, then got a text from Kathy that she's still sick and preferred that I stay home. I slept most of the day again. The worst thing today has been nausea.
I really need your prayers right now. I heard from Kathy today that I'm to go to work tomorrow not matter what the weather is like (though it wasn't my choice to not go earlier this week), and I do believe she's going to fire me. And I wouldn't mind if I was independently solvent. But I know the Lord is still in charge and is still taking care of me. There's nothing to fear. I dread the upheaval right now. But I could take a week or two off and get over the worst of the Cymbalta withdrawal, and that would be a good thing.
So, please pray for me. I want what is best, and only God knows what that is. I certainly don't. Maybe you do. If you'd like to drop me a hint, I wouldn't mind. I wouldn't mind anything you want to do or say! Please come and visit tonight - I really, really, really need a hug.
Adore you,

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