Saturday, February 1, 2014

Every Little Thing

Dear John,
Once again, meteorology is the focus of the day. We got our five inches of snow this morning. Then I heard something strange, went in search of the sound, and discovered that it was raining. Then it sleeted, then snowed, then the fog came, more snow, and more rain. The sky has dropped everything except igloop. I'm still waiting for the igloop.
It's February now. There's been great debate about whether the weather this month will be better or worse than January. The only thing that is guaranteed about February is that it will be short. And that is good - the word "March" sounds incomparably better than "February." Spring will be very welcome this year.
I felt sad this afternoon - I looked out the front door and saw two doves sitting on the birdfeeder. I can't afford to buy seed now, haven't been able to feed them all winter, and that's been hard. I've fed these birds for nineteen years, and now I can't. I miss seeing them at the feeders and knowing that I'm helping them get through the winter. They come sometimes and eat the crabapples off of the trees. But there are no sunflower seeds for them now. At the least I'll be able to put out yarn bits in spring for nesting time.
In the meantime, I'll put this little sign here for the birds and me. A Pinterest friend pinned this today, and it was just what I needed to hear. I will be okay, the birds will be okay - every little thing will be okay. And spring will come. And someday, after the ground thaws maybe Jen will let me dig.
Love you so much,

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