Monday, February 3, 2014

How a Murderer Interrupted My Plans

Dear John,
It's been a strange day. I woke up with an eye infection, so I called Rick and headed to LaGrange to get it looked at.  It turns out that it's viral, so it's not a problem.
It was a sunny day and I had errands to run, so I went to Shipshewana. I was eating meatloaf at Wanna Cup when Jen forwarded me a text from the County Sheriff's office. We knew that a convicted quadruple-murderer escaped in Michigan a couple of days ago, kidnapped a women, and had last been seen in Elkhart. Well, while I was in Shipshe this morning, they found his car there. The schools were locked down and everybody was told to go home, stay there, and only open the doors to law enforcement.
Shipshe probably didn't need any more out-of-town shoppers today, so I was good. I gave a quiet heads-up to the Wanna Cup people and sent them off to lock their back door. (You taught me well - I HATE it when restaurants have their back doors unlocked. It's such a high risk for a little bit of convenience!) I put my head back into big-city mode and even locked the car doors on the way home. As I left town, there was a line of police cars going lights-but-not-sirens downtown and out west behind Subway. I did stop here in Topeka for milk, but I didn't get gas in Shipshe like I'd planned. I wanted to leave the garage door open to air it out, and to take the dog for a walk, but I was good. I came inside, put the garage door down, and locked the doors. He's probably long gone from Shipshe, but we're the next town from there. So I'm being cautious. You should be proud of me.
Now I'm going to go heat a baked potato, but it in a sock, and keep it on my eye all evening. That's how Rick learned to do warm compresses in the Navy - isn't it a great idea? You've got to love military ingenuity. After all, that's what gave us Pleurevacs, tampons, and IV fluids in plastic bags instead of glass bottles.
Enough social commentary for one afternoon! I'll keep you posted on our local excitement. And I'll keep an eye on the weather tomorrow as the next winter storm comes through. I'll be glad to see March arrive!
Love you great bunches,

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