Thursday, February 20, 2014

Noah Called

Dear John,
Well, that's another day gone completely pear-shaped.
It started at 6:00 this morning, when I awoke to Jethro sitting on my head. We slept in the mound again last night, and all was well until the first crack of thunder at 6. Bowing to the inevitable, I got up early. Unfortunately, I was still having serious tummy troubles. So I called in sick and went back to bed, still in the mound except that the dog stayed on my head for about an hour.
It was raining hard when I got up, so I checked the basement. The dehumidifier and sump pump were doing their part valiantly, but there was so much water that it was seeping up through the floor. We had about half an inch of water over roughly a quarter of the basement. I brought the push broom downstairs and swept it all into the sump hole, and the floor had almost dried out as of an hour ago. I'm glad that I keep everything damageable up off of the floor.
So that's been my day - sweeping water in the basement and taking Benadryl for nausea. Now it's raining hard again. And thundering. And the dog is in my lap, so any typos are his fault. Tomorrow morning is anybody's guess - snow, rain, ice, freezing rain, fog, and possible thunderstorms are all in the forecast. We are currently under four alerts at once: flood watch, flood warning, wind advisory, and - last but not least - a tornado watch.
Aren't you glad you're missing all of this? Nobody can complain that this winter has been boring. As I said last night, I've always wanted to try boredom to see if I like it. Now would be a good time for that. Know that your little family is doing fine - there's no damage done in the basement, Jethro will survive the thunderstorm, and the cats are getting accustomed to the sound of rain beating on the house. We miss you so much, but we're all making it. Thank you again for the sump pump!
Adore you,

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