Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Photo Bookends: A Pox Upon Mark Zuckerman

Our most popular photo
Dear John,
Facebook celebrated its tenth anniversary yesterday. In honor of that, they put out a new thing last night called LookBack. I made the mistake of watching mine. It's a film montage of your most popular posts for the last few years, and mine all had to do with your death. I promptly wished a pox upon Mark Zuckerman. But it's not really his fault. It's yours. If you weren't so loveable then people wouldn't love you so much, the posts with photos of you wouldn't have gotten so many likes, and I wouldn't have been subjected to emotional evisceration last night. You did this to me.
It was interesting, if excruciating. There was that photo I took of you in 2010 for an article you wrote. Then there was you the day you had your head shaved, then you up in the chair in the Goshen ICU, our headstone in the snow, our wedding photo, you and Jethro the day we brought him home, and your luminary bag from the Cancer Center run. It's our very own highlight show.
Our Second Most Popular Photo
Ant it's all about you. That's not surprising, since my life and the rest of the universe are all about you. It's nice that my life has such an appealing center - I suppose that makes me like a tootsie roll pop.
So here are my two most popular photos - the beginning and the end, photo bookends of my life. There's nothing before or after these; my life lies between the two. That's the center of the tootsie roll pop.
Adore you,


  1. It was. It hit me so hard because I wasn't expecting it. I've posted so many photos, but never realized how overwhelmingly popular those few were. It was very hard to watch, but enlightening.