Monday, February 17, 2014

Snow & Cat Wrestling

Dear John,
I'm so sorry I didn't get to talk to you last night. By the time I was ready for bed it was 3 AM, and you know what it's like to talk to me at 3 AM. So I spared you that.
I spent yesterday afternoon paying bills and getting finances caught up. I managed to cut nearly $150 off of the car insurance bill without changing our coverage. I signed up to get the policy on-line instead of paper and to put a monitoring device in the car. Since I spend the majority of my driving time on County Roads 40 and 42, the device will likely die of boredom. I'm finally paying less to cover just me and one car, than we were to cover both of us and two cars. It still amazes me that premiums increase when you're widowed, and that it's legal.
Last night I closed the Lia Sophia party. It was after 11 when I was ready to submit the order, and I found that Bank of America was off-line and not working. I don't know if it was scheduled maintenance or a problem, but it meant that I couldn't submit the order because my credit card wouldn't go through. I kept trying until 1 AM, then I gave up and put the order on the debit card. And got to bed at 3 AM. It was the first time since your death that I've wished I had a second credit card. But the debit card did fine, so I go the order in under the wire and all is well.
After being up until 3 AM, I slept in until after 11 this morning. I was sitting in bed with the laptop, and all the critters came and joined me. Jethro lay on my feet and the cats wrestled on my knees. The photo looks like they're hugging each other. But it was the beginning of a wrestling match that ended with both of them falling off the bed and onto the floor. Jethro wisely watched from a distance. A good time was had by all.
They've stayed cuddly all day, alternately competing for and sharing my lap. It's been good to have their warmth - it's cold and windy, and has snowed up to two inches an hour at times. The driveway has disappeared again and the snow is drifted above the back doorsill. They're still predicting temperatures in the upper 40s by Thursday, but for now it's definitely winter. We have flood warnings and winter storm warnings at the same time. Nobody can complain about boredom.
Tomorrow's a work day, so I need to round up the animals and get us all off to bed. I've missed you so much today - there's no special reason, but my heart seems to have its own reasons and rhythms. As usual, we're all ready to come and join you as soon as we can.
Adore you,

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