Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow Drifts, Sochi, & Side Issues

Dear John,
As you may know, it's winter here. I took this photo out the bedroom window this morning. Our snow drift has topped the fence. Jethro seems to know that the snow won't support his weight - he hasn't tried to go up the drift and over the fence. The latest official total I've heard is 86 inches. We'll break the record set in the winter of 1977-78. We're expecting another couple of inches tomorrow.
The cold is more of an issue now than the snow. Several school systems were closed today because of the wind chill warning. It was cold, 20 below zero, but it was a lovely day. The sky was clear, and it was lovely to see sunshine. It was one of those days to ponder the thermal issues of windows. Usually I raise the window quilts on sunny days to let the thermal energy of the sun in. But when it's below zero outside, should I leave them down to prevent heat loss through the glass? I should probably refer the question to Mythbusters. For today, I raised the quilts a few inches so the animals could look out.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, the opening ceremonies of the Olympics will be starting soon. Russia is hosting, and there are all kinds of entertaining side-issues - Russian politics, gay rights, terrorist threats, the luggage of the Jamaican bobsled team got lost, somebody tried to hijack a plane to Sochi today - and who knew Jamaica had a bobsled team? It should be a good way to pass some winter evenings. Ask Mama to tell you about the summer Olympics that year when I was in high school. Robert came up from Atlanta for a visit, we opened up the sleeper sofa in front of the television, and watched every minute of everything while eating feta cheese on saltines and drinking grape Kool-aide. It was fun.
This year I have co-jack cheese for the saltines, and hot tea instead of grape Kool-aide. I'm sorry that you're missing all of this. Think about your little family making the mammal mound in front of the Olympics! All that's missing is you.
Adore you,

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