Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Mammal Mound

Dear John,
We spent about half the day in the mammal mound watching the Olympics. I did some housework this morning, including vacuuming, which accounts for the unusual cuddliness of the critters. The dog tries to attack the vacuum cleaner and the cats are terrified of it. After I finish moving the furniture around and making noise, and put the vacuum cleaner away, everybody comes and piles up on me.
Everybody Watches the Olympics
Remember the last time we talked about making a mammal mound? When you were in Methodist Hospital in Indy for those four weeks, and we thought you'd be okay and go home, all we wanted to do was pile up in the mammal mound on the couch and do nothing together. "All of us" was you and me and Jethro then - those were the pre-cat days. But I know you - these little guys would come and curl up in your lap and start purring, and you'd melt. And the biology major in you would be fascinated by them, just like I am - how different their fur is from dog fur, how flexible they are, how loose their skin is, how bright and curious they are, so many things.
So come and join us. We'll gladly make room for you any time. I'll make meatloaf and mashed potatoes for you, Jethro will lick you, and the cats will curl up and purr in your lap. And we'll never let you leave again, not unless you take us with you.
Love you, adore you, more than life,

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