Friday, February 28, 2014

Walking Each Other Home

Dear John,
It's 9:00, Pandora is playing "Time in a Bottle," and I'm remembering listening to it with you when we were in college. And now, it seems to be the perfect love song from me to you. By the time we listened to it the first time, I already knew that you were the one I wanted to go through time with. And there wasn't enough time. There could never be such a thing as enough time with you.
So it's a good thing that there is eternity, isn't it? I hate this period, this gap, where I have to wait until I can begin eternity with you. But the certainty of Heaven is what I live on now. Endless as it seems, this life is brief. I didn't get to spend the rest of my life with you. But you chose to spend the rest of your life with me. And eternity is coming.
I went to the viewing this afternoon. It breaks my heart to know what Jim is going through and what he has in front of him. I walked the steps he's had to take these last few months, as well as the ones ahead of him. I do hate how well-traveled this path is. I'd rather be the only one on it. But as I've said, if we have to travel this road, let's travel it together. I hope Jim knows that he's not alone.
And this is really it, isn't it? We're really all just walking each other home. Pray for Jim, and for all of us. Pray for me, that my road home will be short!
Love you more than I can ever say,

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