Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Winter Olympics: Don't Try This at Home

Dear John,
Your family got athletic today and had our very own Winter Olympics. The driveway was clear when I went to bed, but the wind shifted during the night and I had the usual 3-foot drifts when I got up this morning. I had to get to work and the snowblower wouldn't start again, so I shoveled for three hours and went to work for five.
Today was the day Jethro picked to test the snowdrift in the back yard - the one that was as high as the fence - and it did hold his weight. I let him out during breakfast, after I shoveled and took a shower. When I got ready to leave for work and went to let him in, there was nothing but dog tracks in the snow. You know Jethro, bless him - he never goes far. The tracks went around Adam's house. So I went out in the driveway and called the dog, and he came running as fast as he could and followed me right back inside. That's the German shepherd in him.
The driveway before this morning's Olympics
And that's where the Winter Olympics became a family affair. I was texting Jen and told her about it. She was working from home today, and came over during her lunch hour and shoveled the snowdrift away from the fence. Bless her, it was wonderful to come home and not have to go out and shovel for another hour! And Jethro can pee without risk of untoward excitement.
Somebody did something wonderful for me today. I went to the Post Office and had a package. I was expecting the gadget for the car, but it was two packages of chai mix from Tastefully Simple. Jen swears she didn't do it, so somebody else out there must know me and like me. You didn't do it, did you? I would appreciate the thought, but it would be like that day you dropped the rose off at the dorm and didn't stay and visit. If you can send me chai, you can certainly manage Skype, so it better not have been you. Assuming it wasn't you, it was a lovely surprise and I can't wait until tomorrow morning! If I have any tonight I'll never go to sleep. It's almost worth doing anyway, but I'm being good - I restrained myself.
I have a conference call in ten minutes, so I'd better get ready for it. To sum up the day: Jethro and I got our exercise, I hurt all over, the dog can go out safely, and I'll have chai in the morning. All in all, life isn't too bad.
Love you more than chai,

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