Monday, March 3, 2014

I Shovel Snow, Listen to Barry McGuire, and Lose My Temper

Dear John,
I had a sentimental moment last night. I got out the second volume of The Philokalia for bedtime reading and the last bookmark fell out of it - the card from the Goshen ICU with my code number to call and get information about you. I remembered the number; it was the one you had when you were there the next-to-the-last time. I put the card back in the book. It makes a good and comforting bookmark. You could always read the story of my life in my bookmarks. Whatever I have at hand gets put in the book when I close it. I've found tickets to concerts and ballgames, airplane reservations, grocery lists, and now HIPPA cards. My life would be so much poorer if I used real bookmarks.
If you have any pull, could you please pray that winter end soon? I'm missing church tonight because I had to shovel the driveway today - I got stuck getting out this morning - and it was so cold that I'm having trouble breathing now. I'm so ready to be able to get my exercise walking the dog instead of shoveling. I'm ready to stop wearing fingerless gloves at home. And - the final sign that it's time for the seasons to change - I'm tired of all my clothes. It's getting serious around here.
I took Hunter in today for his annual check-up and vaccines. He weighs 12.4 pounds and is very healthy. June says he's beautiful, and, of course, he is. He cooperated with everything but stayed cuddled up to me all the time we were there. Unlike Abby, he doesn't mind riding in the car. The only time he cried was when the radio played Barry McGuire's Eve of Destruction - I don't know if it was the voice, the lyrics, or the volume I turned it up to. He's sleeping it all off now.
Between the vet and the driveway, I spent an hour on the phone dealing with health-care issues. I couldn't get through to Anthem to get my profile updated, but their website was up and I could finally confirm that Joe is in-network. I got the list of inhalers that Express Scripts will cover since they won't cover Advair anymore. And I called Joe's office to fax in my prescriptions under the new policy.
And I lost my temper on Facebook. I'm getting called a lot of names for being on Obamacare, and tonight I decided that "freeloader" was out of line. I work, and work hard, at a job that doesn't offer health insurance. Over half of all jobs that people expect to be done, don't offer health insurance. And I pay more for it than I ever did when I got it through work. We made up. But I'm getting a tad sensitive on this point. I predict more temper before this is over.
Thank you for listening to me. It helps so much to be able to come here every night and talk to you. This morning I wished that you could make the phone calls for me, but I took care of it with no problem. I wish I didn't have all of this to handle alone, but you were right - you knew I could handle it, even when I didn't think so. Thank you for believing in me. And tell Mama thank-you for bringing me up to be able to take care of myself. This is a bit scrambled tonight, but all of it is really about me taking care of things on my own. And I'm getting it done, even if shoveling means staying home from church. I'll be breathing fine in the morning. We'd all appreciate it if you could pray for the end of winter, though.
Love you so, so much,

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