Friday, March 28, 2014

It Would be Easier to Find a Porpoise

Dear John,
Today's high came at 4 AM. It's been gray and rainy and getting colder all day. That description also applies to me.
I'm still thrashing around with this purpose issue, and have concluded that it would be easier to find a porpoise than a purpose. I even googled "widow" and "purpose", and was dismayed to find that I am, once again, being normal. Cyberspace is full of women who've been widowed two or three or even ten years, and have no clue how to find a purpose. This is discouraging. And all of this is the result of you forgetting to take me with you. I hope you're sorry. I told you to make a list.
For tonight, though, I know what to do with my life. I'm wearing sweatpants and your old UK sweatshirt, and I'm ready to face Louisville at 9:45. Tomorrow is Saturday, so it doesn't matter how late I'm up tonight. Think about your alma mater tonight!
And keep praying for me. Gather all the men up there who left too soon, and pray for all of us who wanted to go with you. We really need it.
Love you so much more than life,


  1. Glad to know our men are still cheering with us! And speaking of in class I asked if students knew what their names meant. One guy, Seth, said his name means "King of Death, or Porpoises." I asked if he meant "King of Death to Porpoises," but he said no, it was King of Death or King of Porpoises. Aha! Anyway!

  2. Hmm. Seth, in Hebrew, means "put" or "placed." He must be thinking about another language. John always loved it that Joan is the diminutive of John. I love it because I could just put "J. Hockman" in our books and on everything, and it worked for both of us.