Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's Tomorrow Already

Dear John,
It's tomorrow already. I went straight from work to Gloria's for her Lia Sophia party, and got home around 10:30. By the time I fed the animals, unpacked from the party, and got ready for bed, it was tomorrow.
It was a good party. I'll probably end up with three bookings, which is good. I have two scheduled for next month, and I'm losing ten days in the middle of the month because of Holy Week and Pascha. I won't schedule anything at all during Holy Week - we're all lucky to get home long enough to eat and sleep. If we had shower facilities at church, we could just move in for the week. It would be easier.
The animals are already asleep and I'm not far behind. I'd better go to sleep while I can do so electively! I'm off tomorrow, so I can sleep in some. The photo is just for giggles - I saw it and knew that you'd love it. There's nothing like a Star Wars/Greek language/Eastern Christian pun, especially two days after the Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas, is there?
Adore your mind,

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