Saturday, March 29, 2014

One Thing is Right, Here

Dear John,
There is one thing right in the world today - UK beat Louisville last night. They won by five, but trailed almost all of the game. They trailed but wouldn't go away. This win is so much sweeter because it was over Louisville.
Remember that year that UK and Duke met in the Final Four? We listened in the car on the way to (or from - I don't remember which) Springfield. Everybody agreed that that game was the big one that year, not the final. Those were the powerhouse teams. There wasn't much doubt that whoever won that one would take the whole thing, and that's what happened. Last night felt a bit like that. For UK fans, beating Louisville was the biggest thing. And we did.
I was so wound up when the game was over that I had to talk to somebody. Everybody around here went to bed after Michigan won the first game last night. So I did the obvious thing - I called Donna. I had no doubt that she was up! So I got to have my time of celebration.
This is a good time to remind you - you really need to get this tech problem straightened out between here and there. I'd love to be able to Skype with you, but I'll settle for anything - phone, text, email, snail-mail. Heck, I'll even get on Twitter if that's what I have to do. If my browser has been a problem, I've taken care of that. I finally went to Chrome. Outlook was giving me so much trouble that it wasn't worth staying with. So check to see if that makes a difference, and let me know. Try to get it worked out by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon - that's when Kentucky and Michigan play. I'd love more than anything to watch that game with you.
And that's what's uppermost in my heart tonight - I'd love to watch that game with you. I'm watching basketball this year and enjoying it. But I'd so, so love to watch it with you. So come or call at 5:00 tomorrow. I'll be here.
Waiting for you,


  1. I couldn't watch the game--I get too nervous--so I taped it and went to bed, assuming we lost (because we were behind at the time). Imagine my delight! I am getting ready to watch the UK/UL game now! No idea about the Michigan game. As you say, the UK/UL game is the biggie to us! And you tell those guys to get Skype or something! We're tired of talking to ourselves! lol xoxoxo

  2. I'm good at talking to myself, and to the animals. But they aren't much for conversation. At least, not the verbal kind. :)