Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pear-Shaped & Presanctified

Dear John,
I'm not sure where to start, so I suppose I'll just do this chronologically.
I had a lovely time last night. I was checking Facebook at midnight, piled up in bed with the animals, and got a message from a dear, old friend. I don't believe we've had a real conversation since high school. But that doesn't matter with good friends, and we picked back up where we left off and talked until after 2. I slept until 5, when I woke up coughing and had to get up for an hour and get the cough stopped. I slept again from 6 until 9, when the animals reached the end of their patience with me. It was a strange night, but a very good one.
The day was completely pear-shaped and delightful. I managed to argue with computers and make a bit more progress on getting my sub license renewed. I was doing housework and was ready to vacuum, when your sister called. Woe is me, I had to talk to Irene instead of vacuuming - the things we do for family! We had a lovely talk, and the dog-&-cat hair isn't going anywhere. We're talking about going down together to the Keys for Danica's high school graduation, which will be entirely too much fun.
I went to church tonight for the Presanctified Liturgy. It's always been my favorite service. I got there early to be sure Father didn't end up doing Ninth Hour Prayers and Typica by himself. Sophia and I did those, then all the readers, chanters, and choir arrived from work in time for the Liturgy. As Brian said, it felt like the old days. It's lovely to have so many singers and chanters, especially during Lent when we're stretched so far doing so many services. Tonight was beautiful, with it dark outside and only the candlelight inside. And the lovely music: Now the powers of Heaven invisibly with us do dwell. The holiness and beauty are indescribable. But I don't need to describe anything to you - you know these services well. We'll all be back Friday night for the Akathist, Saturday night for Great Vespers at Holy Protection with all the Goshen Orthodox churches together, and Sunday morning with all the Goshen churches at St. Mary's for liturgy on the Day of Orthodoxy. What a wonderful week!
And, if I'm going to do all of that and go to work, too, I'd better be getting to bed. I hope to sleep all night this time. There's this thing going around Facebook that says that if you're awake in the middle of the night, it's because you're awake in somebody's dream. Whoever keeps dreaming about me, I wish they'd stop it so I can get some sleep! Enough, already!
I know you will sleep well tonight. Please keep praying for me. And pray especially that I'll have the stamina for Lent. It's long and rigorous and absolutely, incredibly, wonderful. And you're incredibly wonderful, too, but much less rigorous.
Love you more than life,

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