Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Sheep are Coming for Me

Dear John,
I fear that I am less than coherent tonight. Monday night I was awake until 4 AM with a fibro flare. Last night was worse, but at least it was my own silly fault. I was tired leaving work and I had a party to do, so I got a Coke on the way. Sometimes I forget how sensitive I am to caffeine. I was awake until 6:30 this morning. The animals let me sleep until 9:30, and I took a nap this afternoon. But you know that achy, hollow feeling you get when you don't sleep? That's how I feel. And I'm having a lot of pain today, which may be lingering fibro flare, sleep deprivation, or the fact that it's rained all day.
Whatever it is, I'm absolutely miserable. I'm exhausted, everything hurts, and I'm irritable and impatient. And I'm stressing myself by thinking about how much I need to do. I work the next two days, have church the next three nights and Sunday, have the Lia Sophia party to close out over the weekend, and still need to finish the taxes. I'm not even counting housework.
I hope the sheep are coming for me tonight. I'd rather have you - if you can get a hall pass to come cuddle me to sleep, I'll happily send the sheep away! You could always rub my back or play with my hair, and I'd go right to sleep. I need to lean on you for just a bit. If you can manage a visit, it would be wonderful. If not, please pray that I'll sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow. And hurry those sheep my way!
Adore you,

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