Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Good Milestone & a Bad Sore Throat

Dear John,
I have a sore throat, and a nasty one. I've slept most of the day, and have spent the rest of it choking on my own saliva. I think my throat is swollen. I know my lymph nodes are. If it isn't better in the morning, I'll be calling the doctor. I do hope I don't have to spend the time and money on this. I'm already missing church tonight. I have no voice and I feel awful.
Remember when I used to get sick and say that I didn't have time for it? You'd always ask me exactly when I would have time for it - the voice of reason. I miss you being able to take me to the doctor and spare me the driving. And I miss you just making me feel better by being here. The animals seem to know that I'm not feeling good - they've fought all day for the honor of sleeping on various portions of my anatomy.
Oh, a good milestone happened today. The last of the big snow pile next to the driveway melted. Yesterday I put the garden flag back out. The flowerbeds are still too wet to work in, but the time will come. When it does, I hope to be able to swallow without wincing.
I'm off to bed soon, to try to sleep this off. Throat spray and aspirin aren't doing a thing. So I believe I'll just go to sleep. And the animals can all pile up on me, and everybody will be happy.
Adore you,

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