Sunday, April 6, 2014

Basketball, Kollyva, & Wandering Marsupials

Dear John,
It's 1 AM tomorrow already, and I have to get up at 6:30 for church. So I'll try to keep this short.
We won - Kentucky beat Wisconsin by one point in a thriller of a game. We'll meet UConn Monday night for the championship. That's right, UConn beat Florida, took down the #1 seeded team. This tournament has been a wild ride.
The other excitement of the day has been provided by my big protector dog. Every time I've let him out in the last two hours, he's gone to the west fence and barked frantically. I finally put on my bathrobe, got a flashlight, and went out with him. I was half-afraid I'd come across another inert possum. I never did see anything. But Jethro peed through the fence, so I assume another dog has been hanging around there. The neighborhood doesn't have any dogs that run free, so I have no idea who it is. At least it wasn't a wandering marsupial.
I really do have to try to sleep. I don't expect much success for a while. If you didn't get to watch the game, go on the internet and find it. It was wonderful. And if you can catch the version that was on TNT, you'll get the UK announcers. That would be a treat for you.
Pray for me in the morning. We'll be having 2-year memorial prayers for you and Dick at the end of the liturgy. There will be photos of both of you, and kollyva, and prayers. If you can, bring Dick with you and come for it. I'll know if you're there!
Wish you were here always,

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