Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Do You Have Holy Week in Heaven?

Dear John,
It's been a busy day off, so busy that I'm not at church tonight. I had a lot that had to be done today because the liturgical schedule didn't give me any other chance. I met with my hostess and closed last week's party, put the checks in the bank, ran into Dick, went back to the pharmacy to see Esther for a few minutes, got $10 of groceries, got my hair trimmed up, took a check for work to the credit union then bought stamps with it, picked up the mail, and came home to feed myself and the animals. Since I got home I've been finishing up the party on-line and transferring the checks to the right place so the order can be submitted with all of it on credit card. Yep, it's been a busy day off.
I did sleep in some today. I got pictures of the animals piled up in bed with me and the laptop this morning. The first one is a very contented Hunter getting his morning scratch-and-cuddle. The second should have sound with it. Jethro was grooming Hunter, and the cat was purring his little heart out. Of course, the cats do groom themselves. But they came here when they were so young, so Jethro started doing it. He still gives each of them a complete licking-down at least once a day. And they love it. The cats will likely never have hairballs, but the dog might. Typically, things are a tad upside-down here. But that never bothered any of us, did it?
I know I've said this before, but I'm so sorry you are missing the cats. Cats always loved you, probably because you didn't like them and so you gave them plenty of space. And, of course, you're just so completely loveable. You'd enjoy watching Jethro with his kitties, too. He's a good big brother.
I'm going to head off to bed early tonight. Tomorrow I'll be at church at 9:00 for the liturgy, then go to work. I won't be at church tomorrow night. It's the Passion Gospels, and will last at least five hours. And I have to work again Friday and be at church again Friday night - and Saturday morning, and Saturday night at 10:30, and Sunday at noon. I wish I could do the whole week without missing anything, but I know that I can't. So I'll miss Thursday night.
And that reminds me of a question I've been wanting to ask you: Do you have Holy Week in Heaven? You live the resurrection all the time - do you commemorate the crucifixion in some way? If you can, come and tell me all about it. If you can, just come. I miss you so much. You can tell me about anything at all. And you can meet Jethro's kittens.
Adore you,
PS - I was supposed to tell you last night and forgot - Barbara says hello. She wanted me to tell you that, when she moved into her house, she hung icons of St. Anthony the Great, St. George the Trophy-Bearer, and St. John of San Francisco together. Only Father Anthony had died then, but now you and Father George have joined him. She venerates all three of your icons every day, and wanted to be sure you knew that. She loves and misses you, as does the rest of the planet. Love you!

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